Online Travel Guide To The Turks and Caicos Islands

The lushest island in the Turks and Caicos archipelago, North Caicos presents a wealth of natural beauty. Flamingos, lovely beaches, and fish abound. Though a quiet place now, experts predict that North Caicos will become a tourism hot spot in future years, with the opening of a huge resort.

Gentle tides and pristine beaches make this island very popular for water sports, as well as romantic sunset strolls and lazy days spent sunbathing. Shallow waters and coral heads on the north coast attract snorklers. If you love scuba diving, explore the barrier reef at about one mile from the shore and a multitude of underwater wildlife. For some great fishing and angling, you can easily arrange a trip with the local guides. Look forward to smooth, easy sailing, as the reef protects the surrounding area from large waves.

Flamingo Pond makes an excellent bird-watching spot. Bring your binoculars and see these pink-feathered birds nest and feed. This place serves as a nature reserve, home to the largest collection of West Indian Flamingos in the Turks and Caicos. Visit Horsestable Beach and Pelican Point for more bird-watching and perhaps catch a glimpse of the rare whistling duck.

Visit Kew, the main settlement on North Caicos, and experience the everyday life of the native islanders. Take a tour of Wades Green, the remains of a loyalist plantation. Once one of the most successful plantations of the Loyalist era, these ruins remain well-preserved.

For an adventure, explore the Lucayan Caves at Sandy Point, in the northwest. See Cottage Pond, a mysterious, 50 meter sinkhole that might lead to the ocean.

Travel to North Caicos for a tropical vacation among sand, lime trees, and sparkling waters. Explore the island's rich history and see the colorful flamingos. Enjoy the casual environment and relax in the sun!

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