Online Travel Guide To The Turks and Caicos Islands

Situated in the west of the Caicos island chain, Providenciales acts as the center of activity for the Turks and Caicos, welcoming travelers with many resorts, hotels, shops, and a championship golf course. Yet, despite the recent boom of modern buildings and tourist attractions, "Provo" remains relatively quiet and peaceful, where anyone can find a deserted beach to unwind on.

Living accommodations range from simple and rustic to glitzy and high-end. Rent a villa near the beachfront, a popular option among visitors, so you can enjoy the lovely scenery every day. Or, spoil yourself with a stay at one of the luxurious yet secluded Caicos resorts, outfitted with all modern amenities. Some of these offer waterslides and parks, perfect for families with children. The 50 restaurants in Provo offer an eclectic cuisine from Asian, to Italian, to Mexican, with environments either casual or elegant. Enjoy exotic Caribbean-inspired dishes or authentic Mexican food and mingle with the friendly locale.

Water sports include sailing and diving, with several chartering companies offering vessels and tours. Nearby cays make great places to sail and explore. The island's many reefs, warm weather, and crystal clear water make excellent snorkeling and diving spots. Fishing remains plentiful throughout the summer, and Provo holds the Caicos Classic Catch and Release Tournament each year. Other popular sports include golfing, parasailing, windsurfing, and horseback riding.

For great shopping, visit the Market Place, Central Square, or the markets near the beach resorts, where you can shop barefooted and enjoy the sand. Buy an assortment of handmade souvenirs: hand-painted conch shells, straw baskets, wood carvings, or metal sailboats. Visit the many art galleries where local artists display their paintings and sculptures, inspired by the natural beauty around them.

Visit the only conch farm in the world, the Caicos Conch Farm. Take a tour and see the two famous pet conchs, Sally and Jerry, and buy shells as souvenirs. For a historic adventure, take a tour of Cheshire Hall, the remains of an 18th century loyalist cotton plantation. An intriguing sight, hike the cliff overlooking Sapodilla Bay and discover rocks carved with the names of shipwrecked sailors. For the more non-athletic tourists, Provo's International Airport has molds of the carvings on display.

Travel to Providenciales and experience the perfect tropical vacation. Choose from a variety of activities and relish the seclusion and beauty of this island. Whether basking in the sun from your luxury resort or traversing a nature trail, enjoy your holiday without the accompanying crowds!

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